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NMS Management Inc. challenges the standard in commercial janitorial services. We also operate on the key principles of transparency, ethics, results, constant communication and respect between each other and our clients.


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NMS Management, Inc. is a proud provider of high quality and efficient facility support services, including janitorial, grounds maintenance, refuse disposal and street sweeping services for military establishments, healthcare facilities, institutions of higher education and various Federal, State and Municipal Agencies. NMS also accommodates a complete spectrum of commercial properties, from Class A office high rise buildings and corporate office parks to laboratories, industrial properties, and other high-traffic commercial facilities.

David Guaderrama founded NMS Management Inc in 1985. He wanted to bring a like minded championship team approach to the commercial janitorial industry and built our company based upon the principle of creating a culture and environment where highly specialized and experienced team members can share information and all operate with similar values and ethics; all which are inline to clients we choose to partner with.

When we formed, we did it because we like and trust each other, and our clients are the same way. In the industry, it’s very unique to share information and in order to do that on our platform you have to have trust and respect for clients and other agents.

Our competitive advantage is our experience. . We have apartments, offices,government buildings and shopping centers. We have managed, staffed and serviced numerous properties. This experience of various product types has given us a competitive advantage in the commercial janitorial industry. We’re not afraid to go out and show you what we  have serviced, managed, as well as, what we’re currently cleaning, servicing and managing.

Why NMS Management.

NMS Management Inc. challenges the standard in commercial janitorial services. We also operate on the key principles of transparency, ethics, results, constant communication and respect between each other and our clients. We function at the highest level because of our experience, teamwork and our team environment.

NMS Management Inc. is the leading full-service building maintenance and office cleaning provider in the San Diego, Imperial County, Orange County and San Bernadino area. NMS was founded in 1984 and currently serves over 10 million square feet of offices, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies, schools, health and fitness centers, retirement communities and construction cleanup services every night.

NMS Management janitorial services are available 24 hours a day 7 days per week for construction cleanups, daily office cleaning services, stripping and refinishing of floors and carpet shampooing. NMS Management Inc. diverse client base of schools, child care and healthcare companies, pharmaceutical producers, commercial offices, gyms, financial institutions, health clubs and US Government agencies assure that there is no type of job NMS Management Inc. has not already successfully completed.


NMS Management Inc. was founded on 5 core values; relationship driven janitorial services, transparency in the transaction, a highly specialized and experienced team, multiple levels of expertise and background, and always being team players.  These values have helped to curate a unique approach in acquisition, disposition and management of government contracts through the United States.

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